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SOME OF THE FEATURES OF Quick-BookWiz         

MySQL® database server
Secure data transfer through https:// connection to your OWN subdomain and customisable online scheduling and booking software
Manage and restrict web access for users
Password protected levels of access to various functions
Manage after-school and club activities
Set-up virtually unlimited class stations, class levels, and class teachers
Easy overview of classes and pupil in classes
Date of birth, age and ability displayed to enable appropriate class allocation
Option to check in a family or a pupil
Attendance and outstanding account control at check-in
Control attendance either by pupil present or pupil away
Barcode enabled check-in function and invoice processing
Enquiry function to check if information available for person making the enquiry and to search for classes
Search tool for classes based on either or all of - level, day, teacher, free spaces, child away
Existing client waitlist, “make-up”, “hold class”, “reserve” and “overbooked” facilities
New client waitlist with up to three choices showing all available classes
Maintain attendance control for “make-up” classes during maximal four previous courses
Create, process and print individual or bulk invoices
Re-print individual or bulk invoices
Create generic invoices
Create and print different class lists for teachers and to display
Create list to order plastic cards for use with bar-code reader
Create list of paid or outstanding invoices
Create daily list of paid invoices sorted by pay type
Facility to alter class structures without affecting the current program (mock-up)
Facility to transfer either the entire current class structure, with or without all returning pupils in class, or individual classes into the next teaching period
Facility to check which pupil not present during a certain or multiple lessons
Facility to transfer individual or all pupils into the next teaching period including processing of deposit, indicating requests for change of class booking or that they are not returning
Create notes (tickets) for other users and attach these to the client concerned
Create event notes to record operational, staffing, maintenance, and safety issues
E-mail alert for tickets, event notes and upcoming birth dates of staff members
Send e-mails to clients who are currently in the program or were previously in the program either individually or as part of a list
Create mailout list for pupils not currently in the program
Create reminder letter including class details and account balance
Various statistical functions such as total number of lessons, daily and weekly attendance, client retention, class occupancy rate or payment received per day or per teaching period, how clients heard about your business
Client booking history
Option to archive data and searching the archive using the same database interface
Record user who processed / altered invoice and bookings
Print work schedule for each staff member
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